"Excellent work ! Good food advice , Painless and quick fillings with state of the art methods."
Mr. Matthew Mcknight Stevens.(USA)
"We were both treated to a thorough examination & were given very professional & honest advice. A great experience from a very professional , hygenic team of dental specialists."
Mrs. Selina & Mr. Aaran.(IRELAND)
"Thanks for the memories ! My two new back teeth from Bhubaneswar, thanks for the great service & care."
Mr. Linda Callaghan (AUSTRALIA)
"Excellent, Professional Service and good value for money. Thanks for the advice and wonderful treatment! "
Miss. Juliet (ENGLAND)
"I was extremely Impressed with the Treatment, Service and Technology rendered at Lingraj Laser Dental Clinic. I am very happy with their treatment and I highly recommend them to everyone. It was much better than any other dentist I have been to around the world."
Mr. Robert Mulhall
"Great Service and nice people I'm used to the Swedish dentist that's all about the efficiency,here you get personal Service and Professionalism."
Mr. Erik Westman
Ms. Sussane Granvist (SWEDEN)
"I'm very impressed from the reception to the dental chair. First impressions can make or break a business. Staffs showed professional courtesy throughout. Rooms are exceptionally Clean & Hygiene is seen to be of high importance to client & staff. I've already recommended to my other work colleagues."
Mr. Daryl Wrigley( USA)
"Who knew the dentist would be so enjoyable ? I really appreciate the quality of service from all the staffs. My favorite experience with a dental surgeon till date ! "
Ms. Annie Obrien
"A Fabulous Service! Dr. Patnaik explained everything very clearly & the service provided was excellent! Hope all dental units could be this enjoyable."
Mr. Robert Tinoate
"I was petrified to have my wisdom teeth pulled - but the experience has been a very comfortable and relaxing one. So much better than any dental experience I've ever had at home . This clinic will be highly recommended to other visitors to Bhubaneswar if dental work is requested/sought after."
Laura Lalor.(Ireland)